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samedi 25 mars 2017
Supermarket or wine shop: what's the difference? jeudi 23 mars 2017 The Wine Lover
Can we trust on medals to choose wine? jeudi 23 mars 2017 The Wine Lover
Tastes & colors and Cheese jeudi 26 janvier 2017 Elodie Rolland
Going to discover a vineyard must be well planned! lundi 02 janvier 2017 Elodie Rolland

Supermarket or wine shop: what's the difference? (The Wine Lover)

jeudi 23 mars 2017

When was your last visit at a wine shop? Finally, the answer is not so obvious to find! More and more consumers leave the wine shop in favor of supermarkets…  But why are we going to buy our wine at the supermarkets?  The supermarkets propos a wine offer even more wide and develop; it’s why we have the reflex to buy our wine in their places.  However, you don’t buy wine in the same way in a supermarket as in a wine cellar.  These are in fact two totally different purchases. It is like comparing the...

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Can we trust on medals to choose wine?(The Wine Lover)

jeudi 23 mars 2017

Wine rewarded or not? There are many contests to promote, select and reward the best wines of a category thanks to a medal. In France, there are nearly 20 major contests and around 40 in the world. It’s the same as a medal of wine as for all the other medals, all the rewards do not have the same value. A medal won at the Olympic Games does not have the same echo as the medal won at a regional competition!     An award wine, what is it? It is a wine that the winegrower has presented in a contest and he pays to participate! Winemaker will never...

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Tastes & colors and Cheese(Elodie Rolland)

jeudi 26 janvier 2017

taste-color-and-cheeseWrong answers about food and wine matches. Who has never heard one say : “I keep this good bottle of red for cheese ! » Contrary to the belief, red wine isn’t ideal to sublime the cheese. His tanical side comes up against the strength of the cheese and very often alters its taste, strengthening the bitterness. However, fans of red wine with cheese can be reassured, some of them cohabit very well together. That’s the case of some red wines, rather lively which will be enjoyed perfectly with pressed pasta cheeses...

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I suggest you this little wine of Loire, light, perfect for women!(Elodie Rolland)

jeudi 19 janvier 2017

wines-vines-women-wine-tour-bookingFew clichés about wine and women Why always offer a light wine to women? What is a woman’s wine? Why wine tasting is spontaneously proposed to man? Where does come from this unfortunate tendency to consider that this little fragile human being have to necessarily like soft and light wines? Endow with the right to vote since 1944, woman is also equipped by a palate, taste buds and a singular taste. Store your Gamay and Saumur-Champigny and propose us some wines with character! Furthermore, “Syrah” is from feminine gender,...

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Going to discover a vineyard must be well planned!(Elodie Rolland)

lundi 02 janvier 2017

It’s decided during the spring holidays we’re going to discover the vineyard of Burgundy ! Here I am sit in front of my computer to try to plan our visit. Keyword «vineyard Burgundy», I click on the website Awesome! A tab meets my request: a trip through the vines. I decide to select the tour named « Sur la route touristique des grands crus » then download the roadmap « Route touristique des grands crus » and here we go ! The plan of the road is clear but the vineyards: who are they ...? Names are...

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