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Grand Cru Classé

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Discovering a Grand Cru Classé de Graves

Presentation of the history and terroir of the estate. Then, description of the way the vineyard is managed and the use of the latest innovations from agronomic research. Visit the winery and the winery to show the winemaking process of the property and its working philosophy. Finally tasting of four wines.
– The first and second white wine of Couhins who recommend themselves by their delicate bouquet of spring flowers, its size, its liveliness, and its persistence in the mouth, to which the sauvignon grape participates powerfully.
– The first and second red wine that comes from a stony rump typical of its name. With soft tannins, refined aromas of cedar and raspberry, a great smoothness on the nose and palate, and a harmonious aromatic complexity, they perfectly embody the elegance of the great wines of Graves.

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Teilnehmer : Von 2 bis 20 Personen

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Unsere Geschichte

The long and rich centuries crossed by the Château Couhins reveal the story of an authentic and yet singular wine château. Its vineyard, in the heart of the Pessac-Léognan terroir, is one of the largest and oldest „around Bordeaux“. The famous vines of Château Couhins, bordered by the Eau Blanche stream, are cultivated on „a magnificent hilltop, the highest of Villenave d’Ornon“. The inscription of Couhins castle in the architectural landscape is equally remarkable: the agricultural structure of the bourdieu of La Gravette as the manor house of the noble house of Pont de Langon, evolve in unison towards the model of the modern wine castle. The owners of Couhins are attached to their lands, driven by the constant desire to increase them. Betting on their winery, they also appreciate all the bucolic attractions „beautiful outdoors“. Bourgeois, noble, notables, wine merchants succeed each other in Couhins, at the rate of social evolutions in the wine history. Family dynasties for some, original personalities for others, each owner has offered Castle Couhins an unprecedented part of his destiny.

With its historical roots, Château Couhins now deploys all the results of the wine research conducted by INRA. Its research programs and innovative techniques must meet a double and ambitious goal: the quality of wine produced by Château Couhins in respect and preservation of the environment. For these purposes, precision viticulture brings tailor-made knowledge of the Couhins vineyard. Using geographic information technology, various geolocated equipment enables the identification of homogeneous zones of the vine, from which various interventions can be adapted. Integrated farming, aimed at the reduction of inputs, is an equally important lever of progress implemented in the vineyards of Couhins. This strategy involves taking into account all the dimensions of the agro-ecosystem and therefore requires a strong anticipation for the use of the defense product at the most opportune moment. Château Couhins values the excellence of scientific knowledge in the service of a prestigious wine and a sustainable vinegrowing; as many missions presiding over its development and influence

Unsere Weine

Name Verkaufspreis Führer Geschmacksprofil Überwachungspotetial
Château Couhins blanc20 à 30 €Complexe et long10 à 15 ans
Chateau Couhins rouge20 à 30 €Aromatique et charnu15 à 30 ans
La Dame de Couhins blanc10 à 15 €Fruité et frais5 à 10 ans
La Dame de Couhins rouge10 à 15 €Fruité et soyeux5 à 10 ans



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- 2019/10/11

Super domaine Super et très intéressante visite avec beaucoup d\'explications degustation formidable nous avons passé un très bon moment

A la Découverte d'un Grand Cru Classé de Graves


SAVRY Roger - 2016/08/08
A la Découverte d'un Grand Cru Classé de Graves

Simplement une des meilleures visites que j'ai pu faire sur l'appellation (j'habite Léognan).

yealland ross - 2016/05/26
Visite & Dégustation Gratuite

Very interesting Visite

Poudret Lola - 2015/11/05
Visite & Dégustation

Très bonne visite !

TOURNEUX Grégory - 2015/08/28
Visite & Dégustation

Approche différente du bien, très instructif et sympathique

mur alain (ex INAO) alain - 2015/08/07
Visite & Dégustation

Pour la partie téchnique et la réponse au questions tout dépend du niveau de départ des visiteurs ,mais il y a pour un "agent" de l'INRA quelques lacunes

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