Château Saint-Georges

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Wine culture and tasting

We will tell you the story of the wine seasonality through the human know-how, mother nature and the whim of the weather.
Visit of the vat cellar: description of winemaking methods.
Visit of barrel cellar. Enjoy the rich flavors of wood, spices and fruits.

Finally, you’ll be invited to taste a vintage of Château Saint-Georges.

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Teilnehmer : Von 2 bis 20 Personen


Sensations and flavors

Taste the herbs from the garden to the rear of the Castle!
It has been specially created to talk about wine in a fun way and also to introduce you to the tasting.
You will have the opportunity to visit the Park of the castle with its rose garden, then  dicover plants and fruits flavors and tastes associated with wine.
Take a breathtaking viewpoint of vineyard and Saint-Emilion.
Then we’ll go in the barrel cellar where you’ll smell „la part des Anges“ and we’ll explain why a barrel transfers certain smells and tastes to the wine.
Finally we’ll do a blind tasting of two vintages to determine all characteristics, quality of aging and year.


14€ pro Person
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Teilnehmer : Von 2 bis 20 Personen

Geführte Ausflüge

In the footsteps if a winemaker

Enjoy a guided walk through the splendid vineyards of Château Saint-Georges (45ha). You will take part in a quiz about wine and experience breathtaking scenery from the viewpoint of Saint-Emilion.
Visit of cellars. Blind tasting of two vintages of Château Saint-Georges.

At the end you’ll enjoy a country-style lunch with a glass of wine.

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Teilnehmer : Von 2 bis 20 Personen

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Unsere Geschichte

In a leafy setting overlooking Saint-Emilion, the four corner towers of Château Saint-Georges, dating back to the 13th century, evoke its feudal past. In the 18th century it was embellished in a neo-classical style by the architect Victor Louis, also known for the Grand Théâtre in Bordeaux. The vineyard with its 45 hectares has been in the Desbois family since 1891. In 2013 Jean-Philippe Janoueix joined the Desbois family as a co-owner.


Unsere Weine

Name Verkaufspreis Führer Geschmacksprofil Überwachungspotetial
CHATEAU SAINT-GEORGES20 à 30 €Aromatique et charnu15 à 30 ans



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Rossi Jacque - 2020/03/10
Terroir et nectar

Exceptional welcome and visit !The entire visit was an extremely great moment of culture, wine passion and kindness. Thank you so much for sharing with us all your knowledges and passion about your work !

Hassan - 2019/12/18
Terroir et nectar

Visite et explications très complètes et intéressantes. Merci Emeline

Schatz Ben - 2019/10/09
Terroir et nectar

Our visit to Chateau Saint-Georges was lovely and the wine was beautiful.

MADIGAN Maria - 2019/10/08
Terroir et nectar

This was truly a great experience. The history, the growing of the grapes, the production of wine and the combinations of grapes used to produce the final product was very well explained. I usually buy wine that in the supermarket or online but I will definitely be purchasing more bottles directly from the Chateau!

DIAZ MERCEDES - 2019/10/07
Terroir et nectar

The tour was perfect.

Dion Helene - 2018/08/31
Sensations et saveurs

the tour guide did not know we were coming, seems there was a miscommunication/technical error between and the winery.

Whang Kyu Jung - 2018/08/02
Terroir et nectar

Excellent tour by Christina. She was thorough and knowledgeable and taught us a lot about Bordeaux wines.

Rutz Brodie - 2018/05/28
Sensations et saveurs

Our host was amazing!!! Very personalised tour with lots of detail. We loved it. Only comment would be that we had no idea where to meet the host and were wondering around the property for a while.

Champigny Pierre - 2017/07/31
Sensations et saveurs

Accueil très personnalisé de grande qualité

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