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What a splendid tale Youri Korsakoff has to tell! French, of Russian origin, some 15 years ago he set off to Asia, more specifically to Vietnam. Epicurean by nature, and so a natural wine afficionado, he decided to convert the ancient colony to the drink beloved by the gods. It wasn’t an easy task, the locals drank sake exclusively, except for the more Westernised who drank beer. Our adventurer realised straight away just what he was up against. One disappointment was that foreigners were banned from selling wine. Undeterred our hero called upon all the forces at his disposal, notably local French businesses, to overcome all resistance.

Not so many years later it’s wonderful to see how well Youri succeeded in his quest. Today he is the major player in the wine trade between France and Vietnam. Principal supplier to embassies and hotels, he’s developed a private customer base in tandem with his Warehouse stores which are now to be found in all the major cities throughout the country. These wine caves are veritable Aladdin’s treasure troves and visitors are welcome to try the wines there at their leisure before buying. To find a store all the stranger has to do is push on the door of any restaurant and ask for Youri’s shop.

Wine tourism on Wine Tour Booking

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Youri certainly knows how to enjoy his success. If your wanderings should ever lead you into this beautiful country and you fancy a bottle of wine (quite rightly)! I recommend that you look for Youri and his warehouses. But be careful all the same to not fall for the charms of this seductive party animal because if he takes to you he’s likely to drag you off to celebrate till dawn !

Wine tourism on Wine Tour Booking

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