For 40 years the wine sector has its inescapable meeting at the beginning of the year, wine fairs in supermarkets! Wine fans can buy bottles of wine in large quantities at lower cost. Giant retailers deploy a lot of offers to attract wine conoisseurs, by the way it’s often difficult to chose among all these offers, which sometines don’t surprise the upside! Nevertheless it’s possible de find good wines in wine fairs in the condition to know how to chose your wine!
Supermarkets offers!
Concerning wine experts, this event should be avoid, they denounce a lack of quality of wines proposed during this event and by the way, during the year, they prefer going to the cellar master to find great wines and also wines elaborated by small growers. However we can’t deny the success of these wine fairs, indeed 20 to 30% of the wine bottles are bought during this period. Every year retailers try to improve their

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Wine fair in a french supermarket

offers. Some offer a limited choice to favour the quality such as French giant retailer Leclerc. In shops, you would discover 194 appellations chosed by the Best Sommelier in the world of 2007 Andreas Larsson who works with Leclerc since 2012 to offer a high quality selection. The appointment takes place in shops of the giant retailer from 30 September to 15 October. Other supermarkets favour the choice, such as French giant retailer Carrefour, from 8 to 21 September, for this 2015 edition will offers a range of wines between 2euros to 90euros with wines aged between 1979 to 2014. The wine offered will be in majority from the Bordeaux region. Connoisseurs will chose between 800 references, to make neophytes dizzy! From 22 September to 6 October ,

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Wine fair in Auchan

Auchan supermarket will enjoy you of more than 1200 references selected by professional buyers in search of the best wines of growing-wine areas. Great appellations will be offered such as Pinot Gris, Pouilly Fumé, Châteauneuf du Pape, Saint-Emilion, Margaux… For a total of 200 high quality appellations.
Besides these offers of retailers, more and more cellar masters decide to organize their own wine fairs, to not be set aside! Cellar masters offer a wine, champagne selection which fit more the clients which are often disapointed by giant retailers. The cellar master gives useful tips and moreover he establishes the link between the winemaker et the client. A guarantee of quality and authenticity.
Take the time to choose your wine!
To choose its wine isn’t easy for the neophyte, above all if he chooses to go in a supermarket. It’s true that more and more sommeliers redeployed in giant retailers are there to help consumers but often the best wines are out of stock very quickly, so we have to prepare a little bit to face wine fairs! First ask yourself what kind of wine you want? For tasting right now or later for events such as Christmas or a wedding… Then you have to fix a budget. Also you can  choose your wine by the year of the wine, especially 2009 or 2010 which are great years in all wine-growing areas of France. Often retailers offer exclusive previews where you can taste some wines of the selection and buy them before the other consumers. Also don’t go in the trap of label bottles of wine which you can read “Sommelier crush” usually this kind of labels is just put to distribute surplus stock! For a visit, a tasting in a vineyard to know more about wine, book online with Wine Tour Booking!