Chateau Faugeres

Saint-Emilion • Saint Emilion - Puisseguin - Montagne - Lussac • Saint Emilion Grand cru

Grand Cru Classé

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Our historie

When passion becomes a profession.This is a story of perfume, art and wine which brought together Silvio Denz and his five Bordeaux vineyards.He began his career creating perfumes. His professional success gave him the opportunity to combine his passions as a great connoisseur of fine wines, architecture and art.

He is now the owner of Lalique, Château Péby Faugères, Château Faugères, Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey, Château Cap de Faugères, and a partner in Château Rocheyron and two vineyards further afield, Clos d’Agon in Spain (Catalonia) and Montepeloso in Italy.This remains an unfinished story. Each new chapter is written with passion, dedication and an insistence on quality – the hallmarks of Silvio Denz.

Our wines

Last name Sales price Guide Taste profile Aging potential
Chateau Faugères30 à 40 €Complexe et charpenté10 à 20 ans
Chateau Péby Faugères> 100 €Complexe et long10 à 20 ans
Chateau Cap de Faugères15 à 20 €Aromatique et charnu10 à 15 ans
Haut Faugères15 à 20 €


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