What is Ladies Wine? Ladies Wine is a professional network for women working in the wine sector, located in Bordeaux and Toulouse, France. Whether they are wine producers, consultants, managers, freelancers, all women working in the wine sector are welcomed in the association.

The goal of this professional network is to exchange words and views on problems, help each other and build a strong network. With the quarantine due to the Covid-19 crisis, the Ladies have been able to have videoconferences in order to talk about the current problems: market research, wine tourism and special tasting rules to face Covid-19.

#1 How can we imagine commercial prospecting after the crisis?

The impact of the crisis on the commercial prospection

The impact of the crisis on the commercial prospection

During the first meeting of April 28, 2020, we answered a few questions that wine professionals are facing right now because of the Covid-19 crisis.

Indeed, all the companies from every economic sector were more or less affected by this crisis. Concerning the wine sector, the châteaux, wineries, trading house and agencies were also impacted, especially for wine sale, both nationally and internationally.

The main issues talked about were: What strategies should we adopt to continue commercial prospection? How can we use the internet in a more efficient way? How to market effectively? By which distribution networks? What are the current targets?

#2 What possibilities for wine tourism after the crisis?

During the meeting of April 30, 2020, we discussed the different possibilities for wine tourism during and after the Covid-19 crisis. During this exchange, the Ladies asked themselves various questions and issues regarding the future of wine tourism in the weeks, months and even years to come.

Sunset over the vineyard

Sunset over the vineyard

Since March 17, 2020, the châteaux are closed to the public and the workers are off work. Their customers are cancelling or rescheduling their visits and private or professional events. The crisis leads to border shutdown, there are no planes, so tourism is slowed down and currently off, thus international tourists cannot come in our vineyards.

However, how can we face the crisis in order not to stop wine activities? Do we have to change our strategy? Do we have to target new customers and how? How can we reach them and communicate efficiently?

#3 What efforts are being made to integrate the new standards, particularly for tastings?

What new standards for tasting in period of crisis?

What new standards for tasting in period of crisis?

The Ladies Wine meeting on May 5, 2020 allowed us to ask ourselves what new standards should be respected;and what means should be put in place in order to welcome the public to our wineries.

During this exchange, we asked ourselves various questions about the measures to be applied to attract,;welcome and reassure our customers in times of health crisis.

What should be put in place to comply with health standards on the property? How can we resume our activities in the properties? How to proceed for visits and tastings? What measures for direct sales at the property? How to communicate to guarantee the client that the chateau ensures the safety of its customers?


To conclude, these exchanges were very enriching for each of them and enabled them to apprehend;and move forward in the crisis in the best possible way, by helping each other, asking the right questions and thinking.

Having a professional and mutual aid network is all the more important in these difficult moments;to help each other get their heads above water and move forward together!

We are in the process of federating the women of wine from other regions: if you feel concerned and are interested in all this, do not hesitate to contact the Ladies Wine network!


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