9th step in our trip in the French vineyards : Lorraine ! Lorraine is one of France’s
smallest vineyards, with less than 200 hectares of vines. However, its originality is the
production of a grey wine made with Gamay…


How well do you know the Lorraine vineyard ?

First of all, the Lorraine vineyard is located in the Meuse, Moselle and Meurthe-et-Moselle departements in the Lorraine region. It is one of the smallest French vineyards, but it knows how to stand out from its neighbours thanks to its grey wine made with Gamay : the grey Côtes de Toul. Lorraine is also the birthplace of the white Auxerrois grape vine, which is quite little-known !

There are 180 hectares of vineyards planted in clay and chalky soils which benefit from a temperate-oceanic and semi-continental climate. Many grape varieties are used for the Lorraine’s wine production : those dedicated for red wine are the Pinot noir and the Gamay and as for white wine the Auxerrois and the Chardonnay. The region produces 55% grey wine, 20% red wine and 15% white dry wine. The domain has three names : OC Moselle, AOC Côtes de Toul and IGP Côtes de Meuse.

What is grey wine ?

Grey wine is a variation of rosé wine. It needs a very short maceration and therefore its colour is very light. As the rosé, grey wine is usually obtained by the vinification of the white grape to black with Pinot noir or Gamay. Besides, to make very grey wine, it is necessary to vinify grey grapes such as the grey Grenache or the grey Pinot.

What are the wine and food pairings ?

What are the wine and food pairings ?

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Here are the advice from prestigious chef Christophe Dufossé for wine and food pairings :
First, the wines from Côtes de Toul are wines of pleasure, as they are fruity and soft for the palate. They are ideal with plates incorporating trout, coq au vin or a quiche lorraine. More privately and in accordance with its origins, the wine Côtes de Meuse will be sublimed with regional plates, game or cooking in a pot.As for the Moselle wines, they are characterised as soft and fine. Please serve them with some red fruits or some chocolate for a bold balance !


What to visit in Lorraine ?

The French vineyards Lorraine lovely terrain

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Lorraine, as a rare and private region, opens its gates to you ! Go discover “a lovely territory with authentic charms”. Two wine routes are possible. First of all, the touristic route of Côtes des Toul. Discover and resolve the secrets of the Grey Toul and of its crystalline colour with delicate flavours of red fruits. Then, discover the wine route of Moselle : from the Luxembourg frontiers, through Metz until Vic-Sur-Seuilles. Indeed, this wonderful trip to meet the winegrowers will open your eyes on their orientation towards biological agriculture.


To conclude, enjoy a bucolic trip to breathe some fresh air and to discover the terroir of the Lorrain vineyard. You will not regret it !

To conclude, enjoy a bucolic trip to breathe some fresh air and to discover the terroir of the Lorrain vineyard.

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