French Gin from the chateau Hourtin Ducasse

For a long time French gin has been set aside and abandoned. But today gin is in vogue and opens a market in France to full explosion. Today there are nearly a hundred references of French gin that are produced by thirty domains and are only getting numerous.



The era of rum and whiskey is replaced by that of Gin

Mixology is a big hit in France and has dusted the image of Gin for a renewed image of trendy character and qualitative freshness. The spirits sales in France are very short-lived, the consumption trends interchange very quickly, after the whiskey (like the Moon Harbor in Bordeaux and chateau Hourtin Ducasse in Médoc) and the rum. The cavistes (wine merchants) forecast a new craze emerging from their customers: The Gin. Supply continues to grow, competition heightened and French made Gin surely occupies a growing place. This new trend comes to us from England with the return of the “Crazy Gin in London” trend brought back in France by the millennials. English distilleries just need to hold on but the French gin is qualitative enough to compete with the art of other spirits.

A Gin made in upscale France

Le gin C’est Nous

With a significant delay to it European counterparts, France reintroduces Gin a little by little in consumption patterns, particularly in Corrèze and in Cognac. Very much in fashion, the French premium gins see their market in constant evolution and are among the worthy representatives of French gin producing brands. French gin producers use only exceptional local products, leading to exceptional spirits capable of competing with the famous London Dry Gin.

Gin : The French touch?

French distilleries innovate and are in perpetual search for new and unique flavors to satisfy a demanding and increasingly sophisticated clientele. By using new flavors, more surprising than the others, they try to bring the innovative French touch to spirits.

Among innovative and certain exceptions French gins, there is G’vine hich is made in Cognac from grape alcohol and infused with 10 aromatic plants whose identity still remains secret.

The Citadelle Gin of Maison Ferrand is made from 19 botanical herbs and is distilled in a still on open fire.

Citadelle french gin

The Generous gin or so it is called at La Rochefocaud by the young company Odevie Creative.

This spirit is the blend of 5 ingredients: red pepper, citrus fruits lemon and mandarin, juniper berries, jasmine and elder flowers. On the nose this particular nectar is extremely floral, the mouth is soft and flat, in the middle of the palate one feels the aroma of pepper and finally the citrus fruits take over.

Where to find French Gin?

Winetourbooking helps and gives you access to inescapable addresses of the new stars of spritis: The Sage House, Bluebird, Tiger and Lola bar, The Bottled Universe in Paris Forts, The Carmen Gins without forgetting the essential Gintoneria in Bordeaux and the Petit Grain Distillery which offers you a gin with citrus and the most exotic aromas.

What are the different character traits of Gin?

The London Gin: A very refined style of gin because of no added aromas; it is the purest gin representing the perfect English style: The original Gin

Yellow Gin: A gin which owes its name to its preservation in oak barrels for several months, thus giving it its beautiful yellow color.

Plymouth Gin: It is the only appellation for gin because this particular gin is made by a single distillery in the world, located in England, in Plymouth; The Blackfriars Distillery.

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