Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most famous grape variety in the world. Indeed, it is one of the most farmed. We find it in most of the wine countries such as France, Italy, USA, Canada or even Lebanon. But can you recognise this grape variety during a wine tasting?

What is the cabernet sauvignon’s physical characteristic?

Cabernet Sauvignon bunch from Château Malartic Lagravière

Cabernet sauvignon is a black grape variety cultivated to produce red wine. It is used, in particular in the Bordeaux vineyard most of the time with the merlot and cabernet franc.

This grape variety is recognisable with its bunch that is longer than larger with circle-medium-size grains. The grain’s skin is hard and thick. And the leaf is easily recognisable by far with its deep, curved lateral sinuses that sometimes overlap.

What is the cabernet sauvignon’s aromatic characteristics?


Wine from Château Loudenne, (50% cabernet sauvignon / 50% merlot)

It is possible to be confused between the cabernet sauvignon and merlot during a wine tasting. However, you can distinguish it from its acidity and the quality of the tannins that you will taste in the wine. The merlot bringing the freshness and the fruity side, you can differentiate the cabernet by a mentholated and some black fruits touch.
It is easily recognizable because it is the one which brings the structure by taking the role of the wine’s spinal column.

What type of wine is produced with the cabernet sauvignon?

This grape variety produced tannic wines with a nice structure. In most cases, these wines have a great alcohol-acidity balance, which can assure it a good cellaring potential.
During its youth, wines from cabernet sauvignon are more likely to be fruity with black fruits flavours, in particular blackcurrant, blackberry or strawberry.
When it gets mature, it becomes more complex, keeping the fruity notes but developing new notes such as spices aromas or cedar aromas.


Piece of beef to enjoy a glass of cabernet sauvignon

What pairings with a cabernet sauvignon wine?

Wines produced with cabernet sauvignon, such as Bordeaux wines, are perfect with red meat plates, such as a piece of beef served with roasted potatoes or green beans. And for the veggies, don’t panic! Red wines are perfect with vegetables too. You can try it with a courgette or pumpkin gratin with a Médoc wine for instance.







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