Synonym for good time, Christmas Eve Dinner and New Years’ Eve are long-awaited by everyone each year. Indeed, it is the opportunity to create an original-classy menu with pleasure wine to gather the entire family and friends!champagne-noël-nouvel-an-fêtes-de-fin-d'année-vignoble-vin-oenotourisme-winetourbooking

Wine or Champagne for the pre-dinner drink?

Appetizer, foie gras, oysters, smoked salmon… What wine to drink with it? Wine or Champagne?
To put in place a friendly and festive atmosphere, nothing’s better than opening a bottle of champagne! Brut, Extra-Brut, Rosé Champagne ; Bordeaux, Alsace Crémant ; Clairette de Die … You have a lot of choice to bring this fresh and fizzy side for the early evening. And do not hesitate to diversify in order to discover new flavours.

How to enhance your main plate?

repas-de-noël-vin-champagne-nouvel-an-vignoble-oenotourisme-winetourbookingBe careful, this is one of the most important moment of your diner, so you cannot make any mistake. It is the opportunity to open you best bottle (a magnum if possible).
Favour an old red which you would have kept it safe in your wine cellar, without forgetting to decant it a few hours before.
According to the type of plate you will choose for this occasion, every red wine is welcome. Duck breast fillet, turkey, game, the most important thing is to choose a pleasure wine, a wine you like and a wine that will gather your guests.


How to make everyone agree on the cheese?

Usually, one wine cannot match with all the cheeses on the plate. So, the best for this part is to suggest several types of wine:
– Light red wine (for cantal, tome de brie…)
– Structured red wine (for saint-nectaire)
– Dry white wine (for goat cheese, ossau-iraty…)
– Sparkling wine (for goat cheese, brie…)

Finish your dinner on a high note

bûche-noël-repas-nouvel-an-vin-champagne-vignoble-oenotourisme-winetourbookingAccording to your Yule log, you will opt for a sparkling wine or the red wine from the main plate.
If you’ll choose a fruity Yule log (red exotic fruits), a sparkling wine will be better with this dessert as it will bring freshness and a Rosé Champagne will match perfectly with the red fruits.
Or, if your guests are chocolate-food-lover, you can keep the red wine you would have drunk earlier. A supple and structured red wine will be ideal; the tannins will respond perfectly to the cacao’s potency in the chocolate.


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