Sparkling wine’s consumption has been normalized, although it is seen as a wine from the high society and various actors now are able to corner the market. Indeed, Champagne is not the only one offering festive wines anymore…

However, even if the Champagne’s consumption is decreasing, it remains the festive wine by excellence. Historically well positioned, it keeps a prestigious image and so, it is difficult for its competitors to outperform even if some of them are on the right track…

A global sparkling wine production increasing

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Sparkling wine producing countries

France is not the only actor, but remains the first global producer. Although the production is mainly European, bubbles have spread in the whole world. But the most famous are from countries leaders in wine:

But they are not the only ones… Germany also produces sparkling wines with the German Sekt, which can be produced in every region of the country and from 4 main varieties: Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc and Riesling. Unlike Cava and Prosecco, the Sekt did not win people’s heart yet.

Another actor who is not to be forgotten and whose goal is to produce the best sparkling wines in the world: England. Indeed, they will soon be privileged by the global warming and will make us try their new production.

Then, these wines arouse interest and represent a real challenge for the French sparkling wines

How to amaze consumers with this type of wines?

Cava pétillant cocktail Wine The French luxury beverage, Champagne is less attractive now, facing an increasing competition. Indeed, these international wines tantalize consumers with alluring prices and in this way affect a younger public.Cocktail vins pétillants Wine Tour Booking

And you know what a younger public means? Freshness. Indeed, these foreign sparkling wines did not hesitate to renew its image, especially with all kind of cocktails.
The most famous, you would have guessed it: The Spritz, this renowned cocktail made using Prosecco and which we adore drinking on the patio of a bar when it is sunny. It is the perfect cocktail to win young people and also fewer young people’s heart.
Royal Mojito or Bellini, everybody enjoys it! However, we prefer use cheaper wines to replicate at home. Indeed, Champagne being one of the most expensive sparkling wines, will rarely be used for this king of cocktail. It can hardly be dethroned from it place of luxury festive sparkling wine.

Red sparkling wine, have you heard about it?

Pizza Vins rouge Accord Mets Vins Wine Tour BookingIn addition to the Spritz and Prosecco which have won European’s heart, Italy also offers a unique wine: the Lambrusco. Red sparkling wine, fresh with red fruits flavours such as raspberry and blueberry, it has won unanimous support. The Lambrusco is an excellent wine paring with Italian food such as pasta, risotto or a pizza, and also with a platter of charcuterie.

White, rosé or red, you get it, sparkling wines have conquered the world.






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