Easter is coming. It is a long lasting celebration with ancient and plentiful origins. As one of the most cherished holidays, this event gathers French families together. Thus, it is the occasion to enjoy a good meal and of course a good wine. But we can ask ourselves, which wine for Easter ? 


What is the origin of Easter ?  


The origins of the Easter celebration are plentiful.

Easter : a long lasting celebration

The origins of the Easter celebration are plentiful. Therefore, for more than 2 000 years, the traditions for this holiday have evolved. For the Pagans, Easter represented the spring holiday as well as the cultivation holiday ; following the end of the long lasting winter tough months. 

Easter also has Jewish origins. This celebration allowed the transition from winter to spring as well as the passing from slavery to liberty. Moreover, the Easter lamb was sacrificed by the Hebrews. 

From the Christian point of view, Easter celebrates a momentous event as it is Christ’s crucifixion followed by its resurrection. This is the reason why it is one of the most important holidays of the year. According to the Gospels, the Jews were sacrificing a lamb to celebrate Easter at the moment Christ resurrected. The tradition remained which is why lamb is on our plates on Easter day. Likewise, wine has an essential status in the Bible and therefore naturally in the Easter celebration as well : it is present in the Last Supper on Maundy Thursday, during the sharing of the bread and wine, but also during the Passion of Christ, on the wood of the cross, on Good Friday.


Thus, Easter is a holiday where families gather around a dish, preferably lamb and a bottle of wine. 


But what are the wines you should drink to accompany your dish on Easter ? 


Red wines are usually prefered as side dishes such as Bordeaux wines.

Come enjoy a good red wine in Château de la Chaize !

But what is new since our article in 2020? Lamb as an Easter symbolic dish, can be eaten in different ways : shoulder, chop, rack, leg… But which wine should you drink to accompany ? Red wines are usually prefered as side dishes such as Bordeaux wines. Indeed, red wine will soften your marinated or grilled lamb. With the sun’s arrival, white wines can help bringing some freshness for the occasion. 


In dessert, chocolate can be a side dish for your wine. Indeed, chocolate eggs harvested by children are not dedicated to them ! Parents can also enjoy chocolate. As chocolate milk is certainly the most distributed in this period, you have to sweeten it with a dry wine. Considering a dessert with dark chocolate, you should drink a red wine to reinforce the cacao taste in the chocolate. 


Enjoy your tasting and happy Easter !