As happens every year, September is not only the result of the start of the school year, but it is also the result of wine fairs. After almost 50 years, this event still knows the same success. So, what are the trends for this new year?

Do wine fairs illustrate the new trends seen during the last few years? The answer is yes.

Looking for greener wines?


Bunch of grape of Château Clarisse, organic farming

Whereas the wine consumption is decreasing in France, organic wines consumption is increasing every year. The demand becomes more and more stronger. This is the reason why you’ve seen more and more green logos on wine labels. Wine makers are getting used to it and since a few years now, many of them had converted to the organic farming even to the biodynamic farming. Their goal is to adapt to the new demands, therefore to target a new public. This trend did not just spread into the wine sector, but also into the food industry in general. And this is why, the wine fairs’ stores chains illustrate this novelty by placing more organic wines in their front display.

Looking for accessible wines?

For the past few years, French people are looking for more accessible wines: more accessible concerning the price and more accessible concerning the preservation. Before, long-keeping wines were very popular, while now, French people prefer young-ready-to-taste wines. Mentalities have evolved and they prefer consume right away instead of keeping the wine in the cellar during 10-20 years. And that, chains understood it well and offer younger vintage in order to adapt to this new demand.foire-aux-vins-bouteille-oenotourisme-dégustation-winetourbooking

Besides, the wine fair slogan is for sure doing business. Wine lovers are looking for accessible wines in terms of price, which generally means wines less than 10 euros. Chains are facing an increasing competition and so, they do not hesitate to lower their prices to sell all their stocks. A nice way to enjoy reductions for the consumers.

Thus, offering organic and affordable wines is a way to seduce new clients: young people. For that, some shops opted for the digitalization in order to facilitate the selling for this category of people. For instance, it was the case for the chain Leclerc or the chain Carrefour with their online sales system.


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