Who can say that they never enjoyed a glass of champagne on holiday? Probably very few of us. Because in our culture, this particular wine is undeniably associated with celebration and pleasure. Wine tourism in Champagne: a must see.


Why visiting the Champagne region?

During the Christmas holidays or to celebrate a happy event; champagne has always accompanied one of the best moments of our lives. So wouldn’t it be legitimate to visit the region of this product for once; the one that will always be by our side like an old friend? It is true that this small wine region has a lot to show. 35,000 hectares is the area dedicated to the production of champagne; which will then be sold worldwide.

If it is essential in France, you must remembered that it is above all a product that is exported worldwide. It appeals to be both in the Miami jetset and on the roof of Shanghai. Furthermore, it is a vineyard in motion; which is developing its wine tourism. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2015; it constantly reinvents itself. Like other French vineyards, the Champagne region begins doing organic production.


Wine tourism in Champagne, where to go?

a glass of champagne and four bottles of champagne

Wine tourism in Champagne: a must see

Now that we know why we are going, we still have to determine where we are going! The Champagne terroir can be divided into 4 different regions:

  • la Montagne de Reims,
  • la Vallée de la Marne,
  • la Côte des Blancs
  • et la Côte des Bar.

You should know that every region has its own specificities and offers in their wines a distinctive feature. Here, however, are my personal tips to explore the Champagne vineyards. Champagne AR Lenoble: it is one of a kind. A few family farms have managed to resist the hegemony of large houses. But the owners of this farm, who are the great-grandchildren of the founders, were able to keep the land of their family. They offer a wide range of high quality activities, tasting workshops, visits or a unique picnic in the middle of the vineyards.


Discovering champagne?

Champagne wineries

Champagne wineries

To change the mood, you can visit the Albert Beerens winery. This large property shows a strong commitment to the environment. There are many ways to discover and learn about champagne. In particular, a gastronomic menu presents extremely refined food and wine combinations in a magical environment, with a view of the vineyard. In addition to the different master classes and excursions, you will be warmly welcomed by the owners.

Ultimately, champagne is a place that deserves attention. On the slopes of its vine-covered hills, we have a lot of fun stopping in small villages, discovering wines with new aromas. Given the diversity of farms, we are sure that everyone will find someting they like; and leave with a mind as light as a bubble. Wine tourism in Champagne is a must see!


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