Between sun and relaxation, Provence has made rosé its speciality, which has since become a global reference. Indeed, its consumption has been normalised and it has become the number one region in France for rosé production.

What are the characteristics of the Provence vineyard ?

Wine tourism has been developed around the production of this wine. Between the Alps and the Mediterranean sea, breath-taking sceneries and wines can be seen thanks to the Provence vineyards… The vineyards spread over nearly 200 kilometres across the departments of Var, Bouches-du-Rhône and Alpes-Maritimes. Although the rosé is the main wine, it is possible to taste other types of wine. 89% of the Provence Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) are rosé wine, 8% are red wine and 4% are white wine. Provence also displays a large range of grape variety and more than a dozen are regularly used in the making of the Sud-Est wines. Among these varieties, some are specific and originated from the region such as the cinsault and the syrah ones.

Other grape varieties are also well-known worldwide but are few spread across Provence such as the Cabernet Sauvignon. Nevertheless, they help to bring a layer of complexity to wines with pretty tannins.

What are the wine tourism opportunities in Provence ?

The Commanderie de Peyrassol in Côtes de Provence

Come and visite the Château Romain in Provance

With a varied vineyard landscape and a warm and sunny climate, vineyards from the South
attract visitors from all over the world. The Commanderie de Peyrassol in Côtes de Provence
offers an exceptional experience for its visitors. Between wine and art, the domain invites
you to discover in a small car or by walking their Parc of Sculptures as well as to admire their
Art Collection between the vineyards before tasting their exceptional wines.

However, Provence is not only well-known for its wines, but also for its olive oil. The
Romanin Castle will make you discover its terroir and certified culture in biodynamic. You will
also visit its fermenting room as well as their wine storehouse before ending the visit by
tasting their wines as well as their oils.


Do you want to lengthen your visit ?

Come and enjoy this offert

Come and visit the château Mas de la Dame

Do you want to wake up with a beautiful striking vue above the Provence vineyards ? This is
possible ! Nowadays, several castles in Provence allow you to stay longer by remaining in a
villa or guesthouse. This is the Commanderie de Peyrassol’s offer. Enjoy some nights in their
typical Provence bedrooms and relax at “Chez Jeannette” who will help you discover
seasonal cooking, elaborated with the best products from Provence, in a magical display.