Château Villemaurine

Saint Emilion Grand cru • Saint-Emilion

Grand Cru Classé


From vine to wine tour & tasting

This tour takes you on a guided visit to the vineyard and cellars. You begin by finding out about the typicity of Château Villemaurine vineyard’s terroir and how it helps bring out the exceptional character of this Saint-Emilion Great Classified Growth. Next, in the château’s cellars, the different stages of the wine-making and ageing processes are carefully explained. A leisurely stroll is then taken through the ancient underground quarries to the monolithic cellars located directly underneath the vines of the estate.
This tour is rounded off by a conducted tasting of 2 wines (Grand Cru & Grand Cru Classé).

15€ per Persoon
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Gastronomisch bezoek

Exclusive tour & tasting

This is a personalised tour especially designed for enthusiasts, connoisseurs or anyone who wishes to develop their wine culture. Learn about and share the philosophy behind the making of the wines of Château Villemaurine, in which respect for the vineyard’s terroir is allied to the search for excellence. Discover the vines’ outstanding terroir, visit the winemaking facilities and the monolithic cellar, where the estate’s wines age and develop, and take part in the history of the château’s underground quarries. This experience is rounded off with a conducted tasting of 3 wines in a unique and exclusive setting.

45€ per Persoon
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Deelnemers : Van 2 Naar 20 Mensen

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Onze geschiedenis

The name of Villemaurine makes its appearance in the history in the VII th century. At that time, the Moors go raise up to saint Emilion by settling their camp in a place that we baptize at first ” Moorish City “, then in time, Villemaurine. It is in the VIIIth century when the monk Emilion settles down in the region and which will give its name to the village of the same name. It will succeed then some owners until 2005, year in the course of which the Onclin family enters the history books in his turn of Villemaurine.

In 2007, Justin Onclin, enthusiast of wine and vine growing, expert thanks to its inheritance and its trader’s job, produces its first vintage wine of Chateau Villemaurine. With the will to establish a family heritage and to develop his own wines, he quickly becomes aware of the wealth and the extraordinary potential of Chateau Villemaurine. To you make them discover, he opens his doors to the visitors who will not miss to discover this magic place of history and oenological quality.

Onze wijnen

Achternaam Verkoopprijs Gids Smaakprofiel Veroudering potentieel
Château Villemaurine30 à 40 €Aromatique et charnu10 à 20 ans
Les Angelots de Villemaurine20 à 30 €Aromatique et charnu10 à 15 ans



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- 2019/10/07

Excellente visite des carrières !

- 2019/10/07

An excellent tour in St Emillon. Was great to see the caves below the ground and our guide answered all our questions. Thoroughly enjoyable!

- 2019/10/07

Une guide très agréable et accueillante. A l\'écoute des visiteurs. On voit qu\'elle est passionnée par le vin et arrive à la transmettre parfaitement.

- 2019/10/07

We had a lovely visit and really enjoyed the tour. We would highly recommend for someone to visit and try the delicious wine that is offered.

- 2019/10/07

Please update your question for \"Êtes-vous\". I listed myself as a connoisseur because I have 732 bottles of wine. The description, however says \"less than 100 bottles\". Anyhow, our experience at Villemaurine was wonderful. Thank you very much!

- 2019/10/07

It was a wonderful experience and our guide was knowledgeable and entertaining. Highly recommend the experience.

- 2019/10/07

Belle visite des souterrains calcaires de Saint-Emilion et des chais du château.

- 2019/10/05

Immersive and professional tour. Experience to be redone and they recommend to all.

- 2019/10/05

At Chateau Villemaurine was worth it every minute spent there touring. Our guide gave us many good inside information and new knowledge that I got, that was happy to be there. I will recommend it to anyone who wants to go visit top wine makers.

- 2019/10/04

The tour and the tastings were one of the best we had in the region.

- 2019/10/04

Please, send me the list in french.

Henriksson Linda - 2016/07/18
Visite dégustation Français

On a beaucoup aimé Stessie et toute la visite.

DESRUES FREDON Emmanuelle - 2015/11/08
Visite dégustation Anglais

I was there with american friens and they really appreciate the visit. they also liked the wine and made a shipping to Austalia for a friend of theirs for 300 and so, Euros. I will recommand this Chateau to friend and family.

Steele Alexander - 2015/10/26
Visite dégustation Anglais

Very good tour, would definitely recommend again.

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