Château Arnauld


Cru Bourgeois

Гурманский визит

Gourmand visit

After visiting our technical facilities and discovering the history of the chateau, you will enjoy our first Château Arnauld wine as well as its second wine, the Comte d’Arnauld accompanied by a selection of chocolates.

20€ на человека
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наша история

Former priory of Arcins, Château Arnauld was an important stop on the pilgrims’ route to La Compostelle. With its captivating fragrance and intense robe, Château Arnauld is an exceptional wine accessible to all. Coming from our Haut-Médoc vineyards, this Cru Bourgeois benefits from a responsible culture inscribed in a sustainable development approach. Above all, Château Arnauld is a luxury wine that knows how to make itself accessible by its price and its delicate and tasty aromas. Come and discover your oenotourism activities through our services of visits and tastings ….

наши вина

ФамилияЦена за бутылкуГидпрофиль вкусаВыдерживание и хранение вина
Château Arnauld20 à 30 €Complexe et long15 à 30 ans
Comte d'Arnauld15 à 20 €Aromatique et charnu10 à 20 ans


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