Château Auzias

Languedoc • Cabardès


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наша история

The history of the Château Auzias has been written for about 2,000 years, at the pace of the seasons and at the foot of the city of Carcassonne.

The place was first occupied by a splendid GalloRoman villa and then from 1111 to 1450, in the middle of the Cathar period the estate was built by Carcassonne monks. They built a priory and an abbey, called Notre Dame of Pareti Longi. The priory was destroyed during the revolution.

A splendid castle, built in 1804, stands in its place and keeps the 160 ha of land, of which 90 are planted by vineyards.

Today, we grow 13 varieties in organic conversion, from these vineyards are made our Grand Vins of Cabardès exported worldwide. 

We have developed a high quality oenotouristic offer and recently opened an art gallery. At Château Auziasyou will discover our centuriesold traditions of wine making, with historical anecdotes of a place that has been involved in all the highlights of our region (Roman conquest, Wisigoth conquest, Cathare period,French Revolution, etc.).

You will also share our own vision of wine, madeof experiences to live, passion and sharing.

наши вина

Фамилия Цена за бутылку Гид профиль вкуса Выдерживание и хранение вина
Cuvée monsieur blanc5 à 10 €Floral et vif1 à 5 ans
Cuvée Monsieur rosé5 à 10 €Fruité et doux1 à 5 ans
Cuvée Monsieur5 à 10 €Fruité et soyeux10 à 15 ans
Cuvée petits messieurs5 à 10 €Fruité et soyeux5 à 10 ans
Cuvée Mademoiselle5 à 10 €Floral et vif5 à 10 ans
Cuvée Gloria Mundi15 à 20 €



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Polina - 2019/10/04
Visite dégustation privée

Excellent tour. Only sorry we couldn\'t take home any of the wine due to flight weight restrictions.

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