Château Beau-Séjour Bécot

Saint Emilion Grand cru

1er Grand cru classé

Частный дегустационный тур

Private tour & wine tasting

Complete tour of the property including explications of the terroir, the vineyard, the history of the family, technical facilities and underground cellars.
It is followed by a lively tasting entertained by Caroline, member of the family, or Emilie, our sommelier, in a privileged room (rotunda with terrace overlooking the vineyard) offering you an enchanted time, a timeless moment.

25€ на человека
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  • Château Beau-Séjour BécotBordeaux книга
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наша история

The Chateau Beau-Sejour Becot enjoys the unique beauty  and privileges of its region as it is located on  a clay and limestone plateau, centered in the prestigious Saint-Emilion.The Becot family owner of this outstanding  vineyard,  has been living in Saint Emilion since the French Revolution.

In 1969, Michel Becot bought  the Chateau Beau-Sejour, and nowadays, the property stretches over 22 HA.Since then, Michel Becot’s sons, Gerard and Dominique have developed many technical innovations in their wine storehouse,  and the vineyard in order to select the highest quality grapes, harvest them and then, hand picked them grape by grape.Under the vineyard and its 7HA. of limestone grounds lay safely in the best possible condition, over hundred thousand of well selected bottles of wine.

Today, the sixth generation of the Becot family is energized by the very same passion , close to its deep rooted family traditions, and is working diligently to maintain its ranking amongst the very best world grand crus. An unapologetic quest toward excellence, a maintain and respect of the region and its soil, a thirst for innovation guide their steps seasons after seasons, vintage after vintage.

наши вина

ФамилияЦена за бутылкуГидпрофиль вкусаВыдерживание и хранение вина
Château Beau-Séjour Bécot50 à 100 €Complexe et long15 à 30 ans
Château Joanin Bécot20 à 30 €Fruité et soyeux5 à 10 ans
Château La Gomerie50 à 100 €Aromatique et charnu10 à 20 ans
Château Bernon Bécot10 à 15 €



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- 2019/12/03

Our guide, Loic, was fantastic. We really enjoyed the caves, that was interesting and very unique!

- 2019/11/13

We loved the tour and Emilie is an excellent host. However, when we arrived no-one was there and the door was locked. After a few minutes a lady came to the door to tell us our host was running late - and then she locked the door again and left us outside in the rain!

- 2019/11/12

Thanks again, was a lovely visit!

- 2019/11/04

Très bon moment, de la visite à la dégustation. Explication technique. Superbes caves. Vin excellent. Visite accessible même pour des néophytes comme nous.

- 2019/11/04

Very well run and organized, with a funny tour guide who was very welcoming.

- 2019/10/31

Emilie gave me an excellent reception and tour. It was fascinating to learn about their methods of wine making as well as the effects of the elevation and terroir on the wine. The setting is stunning, and the caves are interesting. I very much enjoyed the tasting, as the wines are quite good, and each has a distinctive flavor profile. The older one was rather elegant and made me wish that I had visited 20 years ago and cellared several cases.

- 2019/10/27

Un domaine à visiter!

- 2019/10/22

Very nice experience. Emilie, the visit at the property, the tasting. Everything matches our expectations. Very good !

- 2019/10/20

Enjoyed the tasting very much. I had heard of your wines but had not tasted them. We were pleased with the wines and the service we received. It was a very enjoyable experience.

- 2019/10/17

Emilie and Loic are the best sommeliers to give you amazing experience in Chateau Beausejour Becot. It is always a personalized experience and the place and wines are amazing. The best in Saint Emilion for sure !

- 2019/10/08

Très belle visite ,notre quide nous a été d’une grande gentillesse et nous a comblés . Francine et Pierre

- 2019/10/07

Very good tour and tasting, really enjoyed every aspect! Thank you

- 2019/10/07

Very interesting tour, especially of the limestone caverns under the domaine. Tasting was well executed.

- 2019/10/07

After initial confusion when I came to my appointment on time but nobody was there everything went fine. This is a beautiful place, the tour was very informative, with good conversation, and answers to all my questions. Good wine tasting with different variety. I loved the wine and bought 4 bottles. I wish I could get more but I was visiting some other places that day and there is only so much a girl can carry. I will be back.

- 2019/10/07

Ch. Beauséjour-Bécot is without doubt my go-to château in St-Emilion. The team is friendly, knowledgeable and generous with their time. The tour is interesting and the tasting is exceptional. Best of all, one gets a true sense of the ethos of the family owners, and it is also clear that the château wines are reaching ever greater heights every year. We look forward to our next visit.

- 2019/10/07

It was the best wine tasting and tour we had in the Bordeaux region! Would definitely recommend it.

- 2019/10/07

It was a great experience, very professional and friendly atmosphere.

- 2019/10/07

This was my first trip to Bordeaux. Found Beau-Sejour Becot because they were one of the few wineries open on Saturday. Our guide was excellent and the tour was fabulous. We had not idea the limestone caves were there so walking through the caves and seeing the library of wines was one of the highlights of our entire trip. And of course the wines are incredible. I highly recommend a visit. I will be sure to visit again on my next trip.

- 2019/10/07

We got to taste Chateau Beau-Séjour Becot 2013. 2013 was not a good wine year so it\'s not really a good reflection of the quality of the house. Visitors could get a lesser impression of how good Chateau Beau-Séjour Bécot actually is because they only got to taste a wine from a bad wine year. This undervalues the house in my regard.

Horsma-Alho Leena - 2018/10/11
Visite dégust privée Loic

Guide of the tour was excellent.

Lumer Gilad - 2018/09/22
Visite dégustation groupée

Amazing winery, tour, and host!

Nethery Melvin - 2018/09/22
Visite dégustation groupée

Interesting tour by a knowlegable woman.

Gray Stuart - 2018/08/18
Visite dégust privée Loic

Excellent tour by very knowledgable lady

Kris Das - 2018/06/20
Visite dégust privée Emilie

Fantastic tour, the wines were delicious and the network of tunnels and caves underneath the winery are amazing. It was the highlight of our holiday.

West Eric - 2018/06/08
Visite dégust privée Emilie

Excellent tour and explanations. The wines were good, but I would like all wines at tasting to be very good quality rather than one or two mid quality and one final very good.

Bonichon Françoise - 2018/03/28
Visite dégust privée Loic

Un grand merci à Emilie. C'état parfait et passionnant. Un très grand merci pour l'accueil et l'adaptation au "public". Françoise

Ulltveit Erling - 2017/12/01
Visite dégust privée Loic

This was an excellent tour with a very kind and qualified guide!

Henry Jerome - 2017/08/14
Visite dégustation groupée

Excellent visit and tour!

Stewart Derek - 2016/07/15
Visite dégust privée Caro

Tour was excellent and the chateau and cave are fascinating. We didn't ask for ant 'other activities'. We know the wine well - which is why we chose to visit - but can find it at cheaper prices (about 80% of the cost) in the UK via well known vintners.

Ingalls Marc - 2016/07/05
Visite dégust privée Caro

Everyone enjoyed this visit and the gift they had for each of us was a nice touch.

ALLOT Boris - 2016/06/22
Visite dégustation groupée

nous avons eu la visite par caroline Bécot la fille du propriétaire. Cela a été formidable j'avais peur que cela soit trop guindé ce qui ne fut pas le cas. J'ai pu réaliser mon rêve de visiter un grand domaine. En deux mot c'était génial car nous avons eu la visite du propriétaire dans le chais.

Oszuszky Karin - 2016/05/27
Visite dégust privée Caro

The chateau is so beautiful and the lady doing the tour was so knowledgeable and very open to answer any questions. The cellars are amazing.

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