Chateau La Rose Perrière

Bordeaux supérieur • Saint-Emilion • Saint Emilion - Puisseguin - Montagne - Lussac

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Château La Rose Perrière is located in the commune of Lussac. Monks established a monoastery here in the Middle Ages and were the first to plant vines. The estate ownes its name to an eponymous stream, which in turn takes its name from the word pierrière, meaning rock quarry. There are currently 14 hectares of vines that benefit from a well-drained clay-limestone subsoil.

Jean Luc Sylvain, a well-known cooper from Bordeaux’s Right Bank, bought La Rose Perrière in 2003 and shortly thereafter set about renovating the cellar, storage area, and vineyard.gnoble.

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La Perrière5 à 10 €



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Jenkins Barb - 2016/06/17
Visite Découverte

Excellent all the way around

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