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Гурманский визит

Lunch - Picnic

Every Tuesday and Thursday from July to September, we offer a guided visit of the estate at 11 am followed by the tasting of 2 of our wines and the distribution of pinic baskets between 12 and 12:30.
You will be able to taste LOUDENNE AOC Médoc,
LOUDENNE AOC white Bordeaux and LOUDENNE AOC Bordeaux rosé and local products of quality such as duck rillettes, foie gras and “medaillon landais” (composed for 50% of duck foie gras the other50% being duck and porc meat plus poultry liver egg, salt pepper and spices.)Goat or ewe milk cheese and of course a fresh baguette. The sweet note will be found in the regional cannelés. A bottle of LOUDENNE wine-red or rosé- will be suggested to the gourmet to go with lunch.
In order to ensure the visitors a pleasant and comfortable moment we have placed picnic tables by the river and for those who wish to picnic in the grass, you will be offered a picnic cloth.
A digestive walk will also be proposed after the meal. There are signed paths to guide the visitors through the vineyard.
Discovering it through regional products is a wonderful way to give in to the beauty of the location.
The visit is possible in French , in English or bilingual
Price. 22€ per adult
13€ per child from 6 to 17 years old.
If you would like to make a reservation for a day other than Tuesday or Thursday please send your request by email to

22€ на человека
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Групповой дегустационный тур

Free Tour & Wine Tasting

You can go freely to the estate, without an appointment, from April until the end of September, from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tastings of two wines will be offered continuously.

We invite you to discover the marked walking tours in our vineyard, which will allow you to discover the history, the terroir and the commitment to the future: eco-responsible viticulture, in conversion to organic farming.

Marked route:
Route 1: 25-30 minutes
Route 2: 45 minutes — 1 hour
Tasting: 15-20 minutes.
Free and without appointment.

Wine sale at the castle
Off-season, please book on the calendar.

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Групповой дегустационный тур

Guided Tour & Tasting


Be within touch of the art of living and the romanticism of Loudenne… Listen to the whisper of the river Gironde… Smell the perfume of the garden roses… Taste the wines of the estate that have been elaborated with passion and care. The visit of the property is a real invitation to travel through your senses. Whether it is a public or private”walk” it will lead you to discover the prestigious history of Loudenne of its private port and its wineyard.

According to your longing you can continue your visit by tasting the wines of the domain. It will be the opportunity to fully appreciate the quality of their strong personality.
— Tasting of 2 vintages.
— Free

Off-season, please book on the calendar.

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Частная еда и визит

Prestigious Lunch, Wine & Food Pairing

During a prestigious tour you will be accompanied for a Private Visit of the Vineyard, which will be followed by a Food & Wine Pairing on the terrace of the chateau with an out-of-time view at the estuary of the Gironde river. You may also use the private lounge of the château.
A priveleged moment around a food and wine pairing selected and commented by a professional to discover the selected regional product paired with 4 Loudenne wines and Camus Cognac.
You will appreciate all the subtlety of our great growths. A unique moment in the heart of the tricentennial Pink chartreuse.
Tasting Menu (cold):
— Cream of Asparagus with lemon zest and Loudenne Château 2017 AOC Bordeaux white
— Landes Medaillon (duck paté and 50% foie gras) and Loudenne Le Château 2014 AOC Bordeaux white
— Rillons of 2 duck breasts, smoked and dried with Loudenne Le Château 2015 AOC Médoc
— Cheese served with cream of roasted pepper and Loudenne Château AOC Médoc 2013
— Bordeaux Cannelé and Camus Cognac

49€ на человека
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  • Château LoudenneBordeaux книга
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наши вина

Фамилия Цена за бутылку Гид профиль вкуса Выдерживание и хранение вина
Loudenne Le Château AOC Médoc Cru Bourgeois15 à 20 €Complexe et long10 à 20 ans
Loudenne Le Château AOC Bordeaux Blanc15 à 20 €Fruité et frais1 à 5 ans
Loudenne Les Roses AOC Médoc10 à 15 €Fruité et soyeux10 à 15 ans
Loudenne Les Folies AOC Bordeaux rosé< 5 €Fruité et frais1 à 5 ans


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