Chateau d’Arche


Grand Cru Classé 1855 • Grand Cru Classé


Guided tour and tasting

Discover the Château d’Arche through a guided tour of the vineyard and chai, followed by a tasting of Château d’Arche best wines.
This guided tour includes a visit of the vineyard with an explanation of the Sauternes appellation and cultivation methods.  Moving into the chai, your guide will take you through the transformation of juice into wine.  The tour ends in the barrel chai, where visitors can see the whole Château d’Arche production.  And of course – no tour is complete without a tasting of the final product!  
Visit every day at 11 am, 2.00 pm and 4.30 pm

10€ 每人



参与者 : 的 220


Tasting of Château d'Arche wines

Come to discover the different wines of Château d'Arche through a guided tasting.
You will first start with our second wine " Prieuré d'Arche", then with Château d'Arche our "classified" Sauternes and finally our microproduction which will surprise you with its richness and its persistency on the palate.
Visit every day at 12.00, 3.00 pm and 5.30 pm

6€ 每人



参与者 : 的 220


Privileged barrel tasting

Come and live a unique experience at Château d'Arche…
We will open the doors of our cellar  to let you discover our wines in full process…It is a unique chance to sample future wines directly at the tanks or at the barrels…The vintages are brand new, giving tasters a sneak peek of the importance of wood on the aromatic qualities of our wines.
Visit during the week only

20€ 每人



参与者 : 的 220


Vertical Tasting

Le Château d’Arche would like to invite you to a peculiar journey in time:
Discover all the characteristics of our production in a commented tour and tasting.
The best way to understand the impact of time over a wine is to enjoy several vintages in a vertical tasting.
Château d’Arche invites you to taste its Grand Cru Classé through 4 different times, from the youngest to the oldest in order to see the personality of each vintage and the effect on aging. 
The visit will start with a classical tour of our winery and will end by a vertical tasting of  4 Château d’Arche.

25€ 每人



参与者 : 的 220


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Château d'Arche20 à 30 €Aromatique et charnu10 à 20 ans
Château d'Arche Lafaurie40 à 50 €
Prieuré d'Arche20 à 30 €



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Tessier Gaetan - 2018/10/20
Atelier accord mets - vins

Je suis tombe en amour avec Laplace. Nous serons de retour l'an prochain

Leksina Ekaterina - 2018/08/17
Atelier dégustation verticale

It would be nice to use a water during a degustation.

Beluche Fabrice - 2017/08/13
Visite dégustation

Très belle visite, avec un guide très intéressant.

Goul-wheeker Francoise - 2015/05/27
Visite dégustation

également très satisfaits merci

Panteleeva Anna - 2015/05/10
Visite dégustation

The tour and tasting at Château d'Arche was superb. We did not buy wine due to an incident that happened with us same day in the morning at Château Guiraud.

ECKL Patrick - 2014/10/26
Visite dégustation

Very knowledgeable and friendly host who showed us around on a Sunday last week, translated most parts in English and French.

PARTALIS TASOS - 2014/08/06
Visite dégustation

We are very very happy to had the opportunity to visit Chateau dArhes!!Very nice experience at all!