Château Fombrauge

Saint-Emilion • Saint Emilion Grand cru

Grand Cru Classé


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This former Carthusian monastery retains something of its religious past. Beautifully-proportioned, Château Fombrauge has been a wine estate since the 16th century. Since its acquisition by Bernard Magrez, it has hosted countless concerts and musicians-in-residence and the long halls regularly echo to the sound of the most famous Stradivarius. The perfectly-aligned vine rows stretch to the horizon like strings patiently waiting to vibrate under the vineyard workers’ hands. This synergy between man and nature led to the creation of one of the oldest grands crus classés in Saint-Emilion: Château Fombrauge. This heritage and the wine’s unique flavour continue to be perpetuated.


瓶装价格 指南 品味简介 陈年潜力
Fombrauge rouge30 à 40 €Complexe et charpenté10 à 20 ans
Magrez Fombrauge rouge> 100 €Complexe et charpenté10 à 20 ans
Cadran du Château Fombrauge15 à 20 €Fruité et soyeux10 à 15 ans
Fombrauge rouge30 à 40 €Fruité et frais5 à 10 ans
Magrez Fombrauge blanc20 à 30 €Floral et vif10 à 15 ans



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Jain - 2019/10/07
Wine tour and tasting - English

We had a great time, very interesting tour and nice tasting. We really recommend this experience

Ledewitz Rebecca - 2018/07/03
Wine tour and tasting - English

Fantastic tour, would highly recommend

MItchell Adrian - 2018/07/02
Wine tour and tasting - English

Good tour, great guide.

Anna Tello - 2017/08/16
Visite du Connaisseur

Sometimes you feel like intruding as there was no one in the reception. F

Donaldson Brian - 2017/08/11
Visite du Connaisseur

The tour and tasting were excellent, and amongst the best we experienced in Bordeaux. We were VERY disappointed several days later, however, when we found out the 2013 Chateau Fombrauge was far more expensive at the Chateau than it was at other Chateaux owned by Bernard Magrez. We went to Chateau Pape Clement several days later, where the 2013 Chateau Fombrauge was being sold for EUR 22. We're unclear as to whether this was intentional price gouging or a gross oversight, but to pay 60 percent more at Chateau Fombrauge for wine from Chateau Fombrauge was simply unacceptable.

探索距离酒店不到20公里的城堡 Château Fombrauge