Château Villemaurine

Saint Emilion Grand cru • Saint-Emilion

Grand Cru Classé


From vine to wine tour & tasting

This tour takes you on a guided visit to the vineyard and cellars. You begin by finding out about the typicity of Château Villemaurine vineyard’s terroir and how it helps bring out the exceptional character of this Saint-Emilion Great Classified Growth. Next, in the château’s cellars, the different stages of the wine-making and ageing processes are carefully explained. A leisurely stroll is then taken through the ancient underground quarries to the monolithic cellars located directly underneath the vines of the estate.
This tour is rounded off by a conducted tasting of 2 wines (Grand Cru & Grand Cru Classé).

15€ 每人



参与者 : 的 220


Exclusive tour & tasting

This is a personalised tour especially designed for enthusiasts, connoisseurs or anyone who wishes to develop their wine culture. Learn about and share the philosophy behind the making of the wines of Château Villemaurine, in which respect for the vineyard’s terroir is allied to the search for excellence. Discover the vines’ outstanding terroir, visit the winemaking facilities and the monolithic cellar, where the estate’s wines age and develop, and take part in the history of the château’s underground quarries. This experience is rounded off with a conducted tasting of 3 wines in a unique and exclusive setting.

45€ 每人



参与者 : 的 220


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瓶装价格 指南 品味简介 陈年潜力
Château Villemaurine30 à 40 €Aromatique et charnu10 à 20 ans
Les Angelots de Villemaurine20 à 30 €Aromatique et charnu10 à 15 ans