Terms and Conditions


GDO.WINE belongs to the company winetourbooking.com (GDO.WINE) which offers a software offer provided in the form of a service to service providers in the field of wine on the basis of these general conditions of sale (“GTC”) which are an integral part of the contract of use concluded with the Service Provider.

These conditions apply exclusively. Divergent, contradictory or additional general conditions of the Service Provider then only become part of the contract if GDO.WINE has expressly accepted their inclusion in writing. This requirement of acceptance applies in all cases, in particular if GDO.WINE provides services in full knowledge of the general conditions of the Service Provider. To include deviating, conflicting or additional conditions, a written contract or written confirmation from GDO.WINE is mandatory.

The “Contract” within the meaning of these Conditions represents the contract of use concluded between the Service Provider and GDO.WINE for the provision of Services, including these conditions and all attachments. The contract of use of the service providers is concluded by the signature of the latter by the two Parties or by the registration of the Service Provider for the services of GDO.WINE on its website concerning the provision of the reservation solution.

The Services essentially consist of offering the possibility of using the “white label” reservation system based on the cloud and integrated into a website, described in more detail under www.GDO.WINE.com, as software provided under the service form and Iframes.
The Reservation System can be used by the Service Provider to manage and reserve dates for appointments, tickets, guided tours, events, catering, accommodation and the sale of products.

GDO.WINE provides the Service Provider with the options of the Reservation System depending on the package chosen by the latter during the term of the Contract. The Reservation System can be adapted to the individual design of the Provider and integrated into the Website. In addition, depending on the package selected, national and international distribution partners can connect in real time, and use specific tools, via its back office.

The Service Provider obtains a GDO.WINE account with administrator access, under which he can create different Users. He obtains a user name and can create a password to access the Reservation System. GDO.WINE is solely responsible for the technical provision of the Reservation System as a whole. GDO.WINE is neither a contracting partner for persons or companies who view Events with the Service Provider, reserve or use the latter’s services through the Services (“End Customer”) nor the intermediary for the services of the Service Provider offered to end Customers.

GDO.WINE is entitled to unilaterally modify and improve the Services and, depending on the intended use, to add or remove functionalities, insofar as the agreed functionalities of the Reservation System generally continue to exist without compromising any significantly the use that the Service Provider makes of it.

The Reservation System is therefore a flexible system, constantly enriched with new functions. GDO.WINE grants the Service Provider during the term of the Contract the paid, simple, non-sublicensable and non-transferable right applicable worldwide to use the agreed Reservation System through the signing of a signed contract in which is stipulated all clauses guaranteeing the security and durability of the provision of GDO.WINE services.

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