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The winter has settled in. The arrival of the holidays is taking shape. Along with them the winter sports and the substantial holiday dishes are back in leaps and bounds. What better way than discovering wines of Savoie to spend the winter ? And accompany the tasting of succulent cheese dishes? Savoie is 2100 hectares of vineyards and 25 types of different grape varieties. Among its regional appellations are: AOC Savoie which includes 88% of the regions wines, the Rousette de Savoie and finally the AOC Seyssel. Among a total of 16 million bottles produced, Savoie has predominance of white which represents 70% of sales, 20% for reds and 10% for rosés and sparkling wines.

What Savoie wine to pair with cheese?

The Cruet de Savoie is cultivated in the Massif des Bauges. It comes from the Jacquère, a grape specific to the region cultivated since the Roman period.  Cruet AOC has been recognized since 1973, although it represents only 0.4% of the AOC area. The Cruet de Savoie enjoys a relatively favorable terroir for its ancestral vineyards. In fact, in addition to a favorable exposure, the soils are conserved. Because they are old glacial moraines, which were fed with minerals by numerous calcareous screes, ideal for the overall development of the Cruet vine.

Tastes and flavors: The Cruet Blanc is easily identifiable by its clear color with champagne reflections. Its aromas of white fruits with stones and minerals result in an acidulous mouth feel which brings a length as well as certain palatability in the end. This winter, we advise you to give this elixir of Savoie a try with Savoyard cheese like Chevrotin, charcuterie or diots grilled in vine shoots (sausage from Savoyard).

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Views in Savoie

Have you ever tasted the Seyssel of Savoie?

If you are a Baufort and Comté person, then without a doubt pair these cheeses with Seyssel. A dry white wine whose characters blend well with that of Beaufort, very delicate on the palate it has aromas of nostalgia that will remind you of your childhood: violet, pear, bergamot, passion fruit, an explosion of flavors that counterbalance the fine bubbles of this crystalline sparkling wine that will offer you a long lingering of aromas in the mouth.

What grape varietals is this wine made from? Varietals high and low, varietals grown in vineyards shaped by the Rhone, whose slopes are gently sloping towards the river composed of clay moraines and stones. Overall it’s a real delight for lovers of good cheeses!

What Savoie wine can be paired with Red meat?

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Vineyard and a lake in Savoie

Among the red wines, the Mondeuse is a wine that has a real personality. Especially with a wine at 10 years of age, which could easily competes with the great Burgundy. This Pearl Savoie uses its purple color, aromas of blackcurrant; blueberries and especially its slightly peppery tannic properties to perfume you. The mondeuse is ideal to accompany red meat with a pronounced character such as game or beef bourguignon. Cheese lovers, do not panic! The Monduese also goes perfectly with Savoyard cheese. For the Mondeuse, we will advise the estate Louis Magnin or the estate G&G Bouvet, which provide wines with a strong personality.

What Savoie wine for the holidays?

The Roussette de Savoie wine has a density and a surprising very bold, worthy of a festive wine; its golden yellow dress will seduce you with a forward step. On the nose, it is fruity or even exotic with pineapple scents, purple, quince and delicate peach. But it also shares the scents of Christmas such as honey, candied fruit, spices, toast and quince, scents that are revealed with time.

We recommend the Roussette de Savoie Marestel Altesse Blanc 2005 of Domaine Dupasquier; on the mouth is full of great purity. The mouth is very varied, it has great concentration at once soft, lively acidity and persistent because it holds tremendously well in the mouth. But do not forget, the Marestel is better than anyone who will be patient to consume it! You can pair it with a traditional festive meal such as fish with sorrel, white meat, scallops; pan fried foie gras or gingerbread to complete the meal.

Last but not the least ensure you visit these vineyards!


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