Here comes the sun! It was about time. Good times are coming: a glass of wine on the terrace or on the beach, cocktails with friends. Well, the good things of summer! Such as enjoying the wines of summer at the pool, after work or before a barbecue. However, we cannot drink anything and everything while the sun is burning above our heads.

It is advisable to choose some wines rather than others. Therefore for this time of the year the red wines are left beside. Most of these strong wines do not go well with high temperature. We will prefer other sorts of wine. In this article you will be given some ideas of wines you should have in your cellar for this summer. Because you should know about the good wines if you are getting thirsty.

Are rosés the wines of summer?

Rosé at the pool

It was obvious to start there, rosé is a symbol of the summer season; so much that you have to wonder if the summer brings the rosé or if the rosé brings the summer. Still, this wine is perfect for the season. We drink it fresh, but it is not particularly necessary. It is a perfect wine when you want to relax or to drink with friends. For a long time, rosé wine has not been judged at its fair value compared to other colors of wine; a bit like white chocolate. However, the trend is now growing and the sales of rosé have been increasing in the summer season for many years now.

But which ones to choose? You have so many options… The rosés of Provence seem to be obvious. But they are actually true kings of the region; they represent 90% of the local production. Provence rosés are classical and are good quality wines. To give you an alternative, we can recommend the rosés of Corsica. Indeed the “Beauty island” offers very interesting rosés.



Sparkling wines for summer?

lambrusco in summer

Sparkling wine for the summer

In general, all the wines that can be served fresh are potentially suitable for consumption at the edge of a swimming pool. But we tend to forget about sparkling wines. This type of wine is often associated with Champagne, so we forget the diversity of this type of wine. For once it would be time to turn to our neighbors. Italy produces excellent sparkling wines, in the series of Prosecco, Asti Spumante or Lambrusco. Those are absolutely perfect for the summer, light and finely sparkling, they are charming as an aperitif or with dinner.


What white wines to drink during summer?

White wines for summer

White wines for summer

Fresh, fruity and light. This is often how we like white wines in summer. In the Bordeaux vineyard, it is often served dry and fresh, here you can find very good whites to offer for the season. Made from grape varieties such as Sémillon, Sauvignon Blanc (native to that region) or Muscadelle. Bordeaux whites are mostly blended. Very varied in terms of tastes and sensations, these wines are very interesting to taste. The area of Bordeaux is not the first to be thought of for dry whites, but its full of resources and its know-how is ancestral.

Hoping that this article could give you some tips on how to properly fill your cellar for this summer; but please keep in mind that wine tastes better when drunk with a friend.




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