Château around Bordeaux

The 2018 vintage from Bordeaux region comes from the first AOC vineyard in France, due to the incredible diversity of its terroirs that are renowned throughout the world for their exemplary quality.

The richness of this range of fine wines is that it delights all palates. Years in 8 always end well for the region of Bordeaux. 2018 is a vintage that had a trumpeting start but was able to perform an excellent turnaround to the delight of every winemaker in Bordeaux and surely 2018 is an early vintage that will be long remembered.

An unforeseeable start to the 2018 vintage

The 2018 vintage gets off to a flying start and begins with a cold winter, torrential rains and storms, flooding the tailors of the vineyards.

In the spring, it did not help the winemakers either as repeated rains and hail have chopped the vineyards which was already damaged by those of 2017.

These rains later caused a second ordeal: the mildew; This virulent parasite attacked the Bordeaux vineyards, devoured the precious bunches and stained the vine leaves to the greatest despair of the wine

2018, awesome grapes


2018 Vintage takes a 180 degree turn

The winemakers did not expect it anymore but the miracle did indeed happen. At the beginning of July the tables turned, summer finally brought the ideal conditions suitable for the vineyards of Bordeaux, encroaching on a magnificent autumn that saved this vintage and rewarded the courage of winemakers.

The end of the season having been particularly sunny and dry, plots affected by mildew was affected quantitatively. This loss translates as an advantage, thus limiting the risk of stoppage of fermentation.


Why is the dry white of this vintage on the spot light?

With the grape harvesting started at the end of August, the dry white varietals obtained this year were of impressive quality. The grapes had a very beautiful color and a perfect shape, announcing an exceptional look as well as refined notes of exotic and citrus fruits on the Sauvignon side. The Semillons boast a pronounced and expressive character while maintaining an interesting balance.


How good will this vintage be ?

Despite the capricious climate, 2018 will be one of Bordeaux’s most structured vintages. Certainly; “2018 will be a part of the great Bordeaux vintages”, according to Xavier Buffo of Château de la Riviére.

How to vinify the Bordeaux vintage of 2018?

2018, A climate change:

The prognosis of 2018 noticed that the grapes have quickly acquired an abundance of taste. It’s due to the high temperatures at the end of the season as well as the heavy rains. Those contributed to the creation of very concentrated berrie; thus favoring the tannic load of wines, determining their skin and protecting them during their aging.

A great facility to mature for the 2018 vintage

This vintage, though chaotic at first giving a hard time to the winemakers yet they managed to pull themselves together in extremism. Especially at the harvest period when the ability to ripen was incredible.

Not having missed surprises and a reversal of situations; this vintage was revealed at the time of harvest by its “ease to mature”.

A vintage of climate more than terroir

This year the wines will be marked more by the typology of the vintage because the climatic conditions; guaranteeing the maturity that are found in all the terroirs; thus making 2018 one of the great Bordeaux vintages.


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