Harvest in Loire valley

This year mainly in Provence the harvest has already begun. In les baux de Provence, côtes de Provence, Bandol, coteau Varois or coteaux d’Aix, it is a good year. As Alain Baccino, President of the Inter-professional Council of Provence Wines stated; “ The health state of the vineyard is impeccable, thanks to a dry weather, to the heat and the mistral ”.  This year the quality is excellent but the quantity is less compared to harvets in 2014. The good weather helped the vineyard to grow and to raise in favorable conditions; and the rain from the past weeks have helped ripening. In Beaujolais and in Burgundy, we talk about some fantastic red wines, which echo those of 2009 and 2011.  In  the Champagne region, it will also be a great year to forget the last less qualitative years. The Champagne 2015 from Reims or Epernay will be rich and fuller. Bordeaux has also experienced early harvests, the whites are fresh and mature, acidic and homogeneous. Meanwhile the reds will be picked at the end of September which will still continue to be jewels of oenology. It is a great year for Bordeaux’s wine-makers.

Whether in Bordeaux, the Loire Valley, Alsace Burgundy, Languedoc-Roussillon, Rhône or in Provence, the harvests are yet promising.  The sunny weather of the last few months; the rains and fresh breezy nights of the past weeks have helped the vineyard to grow in quality.

French wine producers are always keen to produce the best wines of the world, their passion and generous terroir have wine lover’s taste buds travel across the globe. They also share their know-how and secrets with the receptions of visitors at the wine proprieties and chateaux. All the year around, during visits and tasting it is possible to discover the wineries from Provence, Loire, Bordeaux, Languedoc-


Harvest Alsace – Winetourbooking

Roussillon, Rhône, Cahors, Sud- Ouest, Champagne and Alsace, but during the harvests is when the wine-makers share their production secrets with the wine lovers, connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

Where can you take part of the harvest ?

In the Loire Valley,, the chateau de tracy receives the visitors for an auspicious day : “The Harvest Secrets”, the owner presents its wine-maker life and the secrets of her famous Anjou wine.

In Pessac Léognan the Château Pape Clément suggests a “Wine-maker workshop”, where you will create your own wine using different grapes !

For the Medoc, it is the Château Loudenne who share its secrets during 3 workshops: Harvest, Vinification and Blending. It is easy to become an expert by participating in these activities.

In the Rhone Valley, the Château proposes a “Harvest Course”, from the vineyard to the cellar, from the picking to the blending, all the wine secrets are revealed during this activity.

In the Languedoc, at the Château l’Hospitalet it is possible to join the “Fête de la Taille” (Cutting celebration), another step of the wine culture introduce to the wine lovers.

Now that you know why, how and where, you only have to decide when you book your trip to discover the harvest of grapes in your favorite appellation !


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