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In France the wine tourism grows, we want go beyond the bottle, curious and thirsty to discover a terroir and an ancestral know-how. Many wine lovers and connoisseurs go in vineyards for visits and tasting, but some go further by participating in workshops and meals in the French vineyard, in Bordeaux region, Loire and Rhone Valleys, in Languedoc-Roussillon, Champagne, Alsace and Provence… The wine and food pairing is becoming the hobby of the wine and vineyard aficionados, to be one of the connoisseurs of the alliances between dishes and wines from Provence there are some tips…

Let’s talk about the famous rosés from Provence, fruity and fresh they perfectly match with the region products, for the aperitif with dishes based on shellfish and fish but these South wines reveal subtlety the tapenade from the Mediterranean olives groves. Through a lunch and a dinner, the taste buds are stimulated with fish and shellfish, mainly raw, cooked meats, the famous ratatouille and mix of the region vegetables, and they also sublime with strength and finesse the olive oil, which is produced on the same lands.

Wine tourism on winetourbooking

Ratatouille provençale

The domains of Provence, propose white wines, fruity and well-rounded which during a meal glorify the shellfish and fish, the olive oil but also the sunny vegetables. Some more minerals wines flatter the famous aioli whereas the richer wines are perfect with creamy dishes and goat cheeses, there also are nobly match with truffle and mushrooms.

The few red wines of Provence are also perfect to sublime the region dishes; the young and light ones praise the grilled meats, cooked meats as the dishes with thyme and vegetables.  The ager wines go wonderfully with lamb meat whereas the more structured wines are served with dishes in sauce.

In France, gastronomic country, wine tourism country, the vineyards are pleased to pair exceptional food and wonderful wines, as a wine and food lover the question is, is that the wines which sublime the dishes, or on the contrary are the dishes which highlight the wines…

In Provence region:

Wine tourism on winetourbooking

Jazz concert with your meal ?

The domain Terre de mistral located in the appellation Cotes de Provence, invites the wine lovers as the connoisseurs to discover its wines during a Jazz dinner with a meal around music and wines.

Always in Cotes de Provence appellation, the Chateau de l’Aumérade makes its chef available during a tailor made day, who will be happy to sublime the domain wines with quality dishes.

In the appellation Coteaux Varois, the Chateau Fontainebleau du var during a visit and a tasting the winery owner offer to the wine lovers and connoisseurs some sunny dishes.

Incredible activities and meeting are also available in the appellations of Bandol, Coteaux d’Aix, Baux de Provence, Cassis …

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